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Why Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector For Your Home?

CO detector

What is carbon monoxide, and where does it come from?

Carbon monoxide, often referred to as “CO”, is a poisonous gas that is produced from carbon fuel such as natural gas, propane or gasoline. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because of its stealth; it is odorless and invisible.

What items produce carbon monoxide?

Many household appliances that use a form of gas can leak carbon monoxide. This includes items such as gas stoves, gas generators, and furnaces. Additionally, the exhaust of your vehicle produces carbon monoxide. Each of these items can leak carbon monoxide without your knowledge.

Importance of carbon monoxide detectors

Due to the fact that carbon monoxide is not visible to the naked eye and cannot be detected by smell, you may not know if carbon monoxide is leaking. Having a carbon monoxide detector is crucial to be able to detect that there is carbon monoxide present in your home. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

Carbon monoxide is a light gas that rises with warm air, so placement is best about five feet from the ground. There should be at least one CO detector per floor of your home and one specifically placed in your garage. The CO detector can be placed on the ceiling. However, it is best not to place the detector directly next to gas-powered items like furnaces and stoves.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Upkeep

Make sure your CO detector is cleaned and wiped down at least once a year, and test it at least once a quarter to make sure it is able to alert you in the case of carbon monoxide presence in your home. When the batteries are low, your CO detector will alert your BrightSuite app and in-home smart panel so you can replace the batteries. Please change the batteries in your detector when it notifies you to make sure your CO detector will work in the case of emergency. BrightSuite provides free battery replacement on all devices for customers who have signed up for professional monitoring plans.

The BrightSuite carbon monoxide detector works with your BrightSuite security touchscreen panel to alert from both the detector itself and the touchscreen panel in the case of carbon monoxide presence. However, even if your system is not armed, your BrightSuite detector is always on monitoring for carbon monoxide. 


Learn more about BrightSuite carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family from the hazards of carbon monoxide. View our BrightSuite security packages to see which packages best fit your family’s home protection needs. 

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