Power Your Home the Smart Way? Explore Clean Energy Solutions

Looking to save money or help the planet? Our team can help you do both. Solar panels, battery storage, EV charging — you’ll be assigned a dedicated Energy Advisor who will set you up with easy renewable energy solutions that fit your needs and make a real impact. No hassles, no hiccups, and no lengthy sales pitches.

Solar Systems

Take charge of your energy future by going solar. As a one-stop shop from design to installation, we help you capture the sun’s natural energy and put it to work for you — to keep your home comfortable, connected, and fully powered.

Solar Customer Richmond
Technician installing an EV charger on a home

EV Charger Installation

Garage, driveway, or curbside, we install convenient, low-cost EV charging at your home. We’ll have you charging in no time with the best equipment on the market. Pro

Tip: pair your EV charging station with a solar system for even more savings and sustainability.

About Dominion Energy Solutions

Dominion Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy, delivers sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses. We put our customers in charge of their energy future by providing them with choices.

From turnkey EV charging to solar installation to industrial optimization, our customers benefit from our excellence and experience.

Our service area is throughout Virginia and our diverse portfolio includes rooftop solar, EV charging, and battery storage options for homes and small businesses and large- and small-scale solar solutions for municipalities, large businesses, and governments.