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Your Grid, Your Goals, Our EDGE®

DVI’s EDGE® is the next generation of distribution grid technology. The EDGE® platform is a modern-day solution for modern-day grid operator challenges. Utilities and cooperatives can achieve their energy efficiency, demand reduction, DER integration, or grid resiliency goals with a single automated tool.

Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)

Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)

A Solution to Safely Deliver Optimized Voltage to Your Customers

Conservation Voltage Reduction is a solution that safely delivers optimized voltage to your customers. This operating method has been used in the industry, but with limited performance due to lack of accurate data.  The EDGE® platform provides the next generation of CVR with exquisite grid edge visibility, control, automation, and analytics. The EDGE® CVR system is on 24/7 and is fed updated information from the edge in near real-time to proactively manage and adjust voltage levels at the distribution level. EDGE® CVR is a proven and cost-effective tool to meet carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and conservation goals.

  • Provides your customers up to 5% energy savings
  • Meets and exceed regulatory energy efficiency mandates
  • Creates a powerful new use case for your smart meter and grid modernization efforts
  • Delivers 95% of energy savings behind the meter

Demand Voltage Reduction (DVR)

Decrease Demand, Increase Settings

EDGE®’s Demand Voltage Reduction solution delivers an advanced operational demand response capability.  Demand response traditionally encompasses many programs, most of which put a burden on the customer to adjust their usage.  With DVI’s EDGE® platform, the grid operator can lower demand during peak periods without the need for customer actions or inconvenience. EDGE® displays near real-time available capacity so grid operators can make the most informed decisions on where and how to reduce peak loads.  DVI’s EDGE® platform is a valuable asset to reduce costly peak charges by granting grid operators more clarity and control in periods of high demand.

  • Enables a comprehensive demand response solution that doesn’t put a demand on the customer
  • Maximize savings by measuring and controlling the right grid voltages precisely
  • Schedule voltage reduction events ahead of time, or in the moment to suit your needs
Demand Voltage Reduction
DVI Edge - Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer for DER’s and Renewables

Manage the Volatile Impacts of Variable Loads on Your Grid

DER penetration within the modern-day grid grows every day. Everything from residential solar to EV charging provides a new challenge that grid operators must face to manage their grid and deliver energy as efficiently as possible. DVI’s EDGE® platform enables operators to effectively manage the voltage fluctuations introduced on the grid by these renewable sources.

The EDGE® platform uses weather data to anticipate and prepare for upcoming changes in irradiance levels to keep the voltage from surging or sagging. If weather data is not available, the software still monitors your voltage to keep it stable and within the proper voltage range. In either circumstance, EDGE® protects your customers and grid so your operators can stay focused on their core mission.

  • Manages voltage volatility due to renewables connected on your distribution grid
  • Positions grid voltages in the right place before disturbances to absorb volatile swings
  • Integrates weather adapters to ensure the best predictions that align with voltage adjustments

Emergency Voltage Reduction (EVR)

Mitigate Emergency Events with Aggressive, Accurate Voltage Control

Rolling blackouts are on the rise as changes in generation mix intersect with climate change. The power industry needs more capability to battle these crippling events.

DVI’s EDGE® platform enables grid operators to combat these challenges with highly accurate voltage control. Voltage delivery limits may be extended during emergency situations; because the EDGE® platform accurately measures the voltage at the edge of the grid, it can aggressively manage extreme conditions.

The voltage saved in these unique circumstances can provide the equivalent of a reserve unit in generation depending on the total generation portfolio.

  • Prevents rolling blackouts & keep critical infrastructure operational
  • Creates demand reserve capacity at the circuit level
  • Gain unparalleled insight at the grid edge to precisely and rapidly adjust voltage levels
  • Drop voltage as far as you can, as fast as you can, while knowing exactly how much you can.
Emergency Voltage Reduction

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EDGE® PLANNER helps you evaluate historical data before redacting or stabilizing voltage.

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EDGE® MANAGER determines the optimal settings for voltage and VAR control devices to turn your plans into action.

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EDGE® STABILIZER maintains voltage stability on the grid, even in the face of voltage fluctuations caused by solar and other renewables.

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EDGE® ANALYTICS provides insights and data on energy savings in a user-friendly dashboard.

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