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Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) is a game-changer when it comes to meeting your efficiency goals. With EDGE®, utilities can reduce 3-5% of their total GWH per year with near 100% adoption because customers don’t need to take action or engage in any programs. EDGE® is an intelligent solution that runs in the background with no negative impacts on customers.

The EDGE® Application Suite

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A Highly Customized Solution at the Speed of Energy

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In order to truly optimize your distribution system, you must have direct visibility into the voltage of every utility customer down to the meter. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with out-of-band voltage conditions and inefficiencies.

Our patented, AMI-based voltage optimization methodology makes DVI’s EDGE® one of the safest, most reliable solutions on the market. No need to spend the time and money on a customized build — EDGE® integrates into your existing voltage control equipment and SCADA/DMS systems using standard protocols. That way, you can tap into customer-level voltages and existing voltage control in order to optimize your SCADA/DMS. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the reduced risks and lower costs for you and your customers.

EDGE® Software At-a-Glance

Keeping your grid up and running and optimized is no small task. Think of EDGE® as your reliable, super-powered partner. EDGE® brings your SCADA and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems into DVI’s proprietary dashboard to give you full visibility into how your grid is optimizing in real time. More than grid management software, it has four main components that all work together.

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Helps you evaluate historical voltage data as you prepare to turn on Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), Demand Voltage Reduction (DVR), or voltage stabilization.

Key Features:

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  • Circuit Performance Analysis

    EDGE® Planner provides a view of circuit performance at the customer level. This allows the Distribution Planner to quickly see where reliability and system performance can be improved. Statistical analysis is run for each customer and outliers are identified. This approach allows the Distribution Planner to quickly identify which areas along the circuit require further analysis.

  • Map-Based Integration

    EDGE® Planner integrates mapping into the grid optimization planning process by overlaying customer data onto the map. The ability to view customer performance spatially allows the Distribution Planner to look at individual customer performance in context of surrounding customers. This high level perspective shows the full extent of performance and reliability opportunities.

  • Grid Optimization Configuration

    EDGE® Planner is the configuration tool for EDGE® Manager. It allows the Distribution Planner to determine optimal settings for the EDGE® Manager Grid Optimization Engine and ensures that system settings are consistent with utility standards.

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Turn plans into action as you deploy CVR, DVR, and stabilization measures. It analyzes real-time, AMI voltage data to determine the optimal settings for voltage and VAR control devices, such as transformer load tap changers (LTCs), voltage regulators, capacitor banks, and variable VAR devices.

Key Features:

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  • System-Wide Visibility

    A single summary provides a view to all control “nodes,” indicating their status and current activity. A menu allows the operator to drill down to multiple aspects of each node as desired.

  • Substation and Customer Monitoring

    Substation set points and voltage can be viewed alongside premise-level voltages to provide a direct view of circuit performance. The substation chart shows the EDGE-recommended LTC set point along with the actual bus voltage. The customer chart shows the lowest-voltage meter within the bellwether meters, along with a “low average” that represents multiple low-voltage meters on the circuit, while smoothing the variation that can occur for a single customer.

  • Map-Based Integration

    A geographical representation of premise voltages displays problem areas in real time. Color coding is used to identify voltage levels and how they compare to the circuit overall.

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Maintains voltage stability on the grid, even in the face of voltage fluctuations caused by solar and other renewables.

Key Features:

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  • AMI Voltage Tracking and Smart Inverter Control

    EDGE® Stabilizer tracks the AMI voltages of both low and high voltage bellwether meter sets, and has the capability to control smart inverters to provide voltage/VAR support to the distribution grid.

  • Patented Grid Stabilization Technology

    EDGE® Stabilizer software autonomously manages line voltage to stay within both the lower and upper bands of the allowable ANSI range.

  • Integrated Weather Adapter

    With a weather adapter, EDGE® Stabilizer can consume forward looking energy fluctuation information based on an irradiance feed (Watts/m2) for specific square areas of PV generation, or other DERMS based volatility to ensure voltage compliance and reliability.

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Provides insights and data on energy savings in a user-friendly dashboard that quickly generates reports on the savings you and your customers are enjoying.

Key Features:

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  • Performance Details

    Performance at the circuit of grid level is provided in a high level dashboard format giving decision makers actionable information. Savings and environmental impact factors are detailed in monetary amounts, percentages, and carbon reductions.

  • Drill-Down Capabilities

    Operators can drill-down into the operational performance of voltage optimization allowing for increased situational awareness and sustainable system benefits.

  • Voltage Tracking

    System voltage levels are provided for the current status or by montly totals. Tracking voltage on a cumlative basis provides diagostics for continuous improvement.

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One Million Meters and Counting

We are thrilled to help our partners achieve 3-5% in energy savings for their customers. Together, we’re making quite an impact, with over one million meters under contract and 20 utility, cooperative, municipality, and federal customers working to realize more energy efficiency.

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