Choosing an EV Charger Installer: Get it Done Right

As with all electrical projects, you’ll want a highly skilled technician you can trust. But you don’t have to scour the neighborhood message boards. We connect you with an electrician we’ve worked with extensively, fully vetted, and trust implicitly. You can rest easy knowing your Level 2 charging equipment and installation will be top-notch.

All Dominion Energy Solutions Certified Installers have the following qualifications:


We verify that every single expert installer in our network is fully certified and highly qualified to complete safe and efficient EV charging installations.

Licensed and Insured

Each of our installers has the necessary insurance policies and state and local business licenses, and we regularly check to ensure compliance.

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Our team has a long-standing track record of success. We have been installing residential and commercial Level 2 chargers at a wide variety of properties across Virginia for years. This experience goes a long way to ensure you get the right solution for your EV needs.

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