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How To Own Your Solar Energy System in Virginia


Own Your Solar Energy System in Virginia

The beauty of Virginia’s landscape is no longer a secret and its popularity is increasing more and more every year. Destinations such as Cape Charles, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Richmond, Williamsburg and Alexandria are known for their warm hospitality, immense history and Southern charm.

As the energy costs are constantly rising, it is clear to see why more people are looking into switching to solar energy, including residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thankfully, solar energy incentives have been extended due to supporting policies, which makes solar energy even more competitive with utility rates. Further changes will be coming soon, so watch this space. Keep reading to find out what rights you have to own solar in the state of Virginia.

Landmark Solar Legislations in Virginia

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA)

The VCEA (Virginia Clean Economy Act) was introduced to create a sustainable green energy policy, to support a voluntary program to assist the switch to cleaner energy. This important piece of legislation has been designed to support clean, renewable energy as well as efficiency and conservation all across the state of Virginia, ensuring it is self-sustaining and market-driven. 

The VCEA enables both homeowners and businesses to obtain their energy from clean sources like wind and solar.

The Solar Freedom Act

Another important piece of legislation (HB.572) introduced in the Dominion state, is the Solar Freedom Act which enables residential customers to share a solar system where they can purchase their electricity through a shared facility. 

Your Solar Rights in Virginia

  1. Rights of new customers – If you are new to solar energy, you can also add the option of net metering
  2. Right to fair compensation – If you own a solar system, you are allowed to have fair compensation for your solar energy
  3. Permits to install larger solar systems – You may install a solar system of up to 25kW in size (instead of 20kW) for residential properties, or 3mW for commercial properties (instead of 1mW)
  4. Utility companies cannot add extra fees on your solar panel system if smaller than 15kW if located in the Dominion Energy area. If the area is under Appalachian Power, the utility company cannot demand extra fees at all.
  5. For residential properties located in the Dominion Energy area, a system that covers up to 150% of the annual electricity consumption may be installed.
  6. Non-profit organizations can also benefit from the advantageous federal solar tax credit available.
  7. If living in a shared building/condo located in the Dominion Energy area, you are entitled to get electricity from a shared, on-site solar energy system.

 What Does The Future Hold For Residential Solar Systems in VA?

Thanks to the current legislation in the state of Virginia, property owners can also get excellent return on their investment thanks to net metering. Since the cost has often been a hurdle for customers wanting to install a solar system, this can only help more people being able to afford it. 

Being able to install a solar system that can generate up to 150% of the annual consumption could lead customers to utilize their extra electricity to charge up electric cars. Thanks to the generous incentives and new legislations being passed in VA, there hasn’t been a better time to make the switch to a greener, more sustainable energy source. 

Dominion Energy Solutions offers best-in-class warranties

If you’re considering adding solar panels to your home, Dominion Energy Solutions offers best-in-class warranties on all their systems. Our production warranty is for 25 years from our panel manufacturers, and we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty from all our licensed installers. Additionally, we offer a 1-year production guarantee. If your system production doesn’t match our estimates, we compensate you for the difference.

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