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Going solar can be complicated, and a lot of people feel like they’re on their own. That’s where Dominion Energy Solutions comes in. Consider us your concierge that simplifies the complex, cuts through red tape, and guarantees results.

Here’s how the process works:


Register Your Property

If your home is in Virginia, then we’ve got you covered. Even if you’re just testing the waters, fill out the lead form below. Rest assured, your information is private.


Proposal and Financing Options

Dominion Energy Solutions will bid out your project to our certified installers and negotiate on your behalf to determine the best solution at the best price.


Sign on the Dotted Line

From roof inspections to permitting to installation, a Dominion Energy Solutions-certified installer will connect your new system to your home and walk through how it all works.

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Turn On and Save

We guarantee you’ll start seeing results on day one. You’ll have access to view your production to see exactly how much energy you are putting back on the grid. You’ll be alerted to any issues with your system, and so will we! Proactive monitoring ensures your system is never offline for long. Of course, Dominion Energy Solutions will always be available if you have follow-up questions.

Find Out if Solar is Right For Your Home

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About Dominion Energy Solutions

Dominion Energy Solutions is a Dominion Energy subsidiary offering residents EV charging, solar education, and home assessments. As part of the process, we provide turn-key EV charging and solar installation with a network of certified and vetted residential electricians and solar installers. We provide a wide range of solar solutions including design, installation, financing, consulting, energy storage, and more. We are a proven energy partner with 20 years of experience and 220+ megawatts of successful solar projects. We service regions across the state of Virginia including Alexandria, Roanoke, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, and more! Check out our full service area here.