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When Are Break-Ins Most Common?

Burglar wearing face mask and escaping a house at night.

When & How Burglars Typically Enter a Home

Although it’s a scary thought, burglaries are somewhat common. Unfortunately, many people believe that a burglary will not happen at their home. According to 2018 FBI Crime Clock data, a burglary occurs about every 26 seconds.(1) A burglary can mean an average of $2,700 in loss of property.(2) So let’s think like a burglar for a moment so we can better understand burglar behavior to prevent a house break-in.

    What time do most burglaries occur?

    While nighttime seems as though it may be advantageous for a burglar to go unnoticed in the darkness, usually residents are in their home at night. Burglars typically scope out a home or neighborhood and pick a time during the day when residents are away. The timeframe between 6am-6pm is cited by as the most common timeframe for a break-in.(3) 

    This is when having a security camera is especially helpful in providing evidence whether you are at home or away during a break-in. Our BrightSuite Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor cameras can provide the range and crisp footage you may need to identify a burglar and also scare them from entering, as many burglars avoid homes with cameras.

    When in the year do most burglaries occur?

    As you can imagine, it may add some complexity to a break-in when there is ice or snow on the ground in the winter months. Most burglaries happen during the summer cites.(3) The warm air and likelihood of  people taking vacation time in the summer months makes this time of year ideal for burglars. We all need a vacation sometimes, but make sure you are prepared by pausing mail while you’re gone and avoiding social media announcements that you’re out of town. These are some of the many signs burglars look for when targeting a home for a break-in so you can be prepared next time you’re away.

    How do burglars enter a home?

    According to 2019 FBI burglary crime data, 56% of burglars used forcible entry while a whopping 38% of burglaries were unlawful entry, and 7% used attempted forcible entry.(2) Unlawful entry means that no force was used, a burglar simply entered the home through an unlocked door or window. This is an easy mistake residents make while hurriedly leaving home but it’s also an easy mistake to avoid made especially easy with the perks and convenience of a home security system like BrightSuite. The BrightSuite smart door lock provides a convenient way to make sure your doors are locked while home or away, if you can’t remember if your door was locked or not. Geofencing capabilities within the BrightSuite app can ensure your door automatically locks every time you leave your home. Additionally, our BrightSuite door and window sensors will detect if doors or windows move more than an inch apart and send push alerts directly to your phone using the BrightSuite mobile app

    To get a better idea of crime in your specific area, look into your local crime map (usually found on your county’s website) to understand the types of crime in your area and where burglaries occur. 

    To help in valuing any insurance claim, consider documenting and completing a home inventory list.  


    Learn more about how BrightSuite can help ensure the safety of your home to prevent burglaries from happening and from going unsolved. Provide your home and family with security and peace of mind with our BrightSuite security packages and products to protect your home. Contact us today so you are one step closer to a more secure living environment with a BrightSuite security system.

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