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Security Sensors For Your Home

Security Sensors For Your Home

The Types of Security Sensors and How They Work

Sensors for security, such as motion sensors and door and window sensors, have increased in interest. Sensors are a helpful component of your home security system to monitor your home’s systems and alert you of an unwanted intruder. However, not all security sensors are the same and there are many types that help to monitor different components of your home.  

BrightSuite offers several types of sensors for you to make the most out of your security system and give you peace of mind. 

  1. Temperature Sensor
  2. Heat & Freeze Sensor
  3. Glass Break Sensor
  4. Water Sensor
  5. Motion Sensor
  6. Door/Window Sensor

These are the types of sensors BrightSuite offers as part of a BrightSuite security system package. Below we’ll get into what each of these sensors does and how the sensors can help you. 

1. Temperature Sensor

Do you have one part of your home that always seems too hot or cold?  Use a temperature sensor there for optimal comfort throughout the home. 

The temperature sensor enhances the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat can save you money on your energy bill by automating your energy expenditure. A temperature sensor – placed anywhere in your home – can communicate with your smart thermostat to adjust your home’s temperatures based on time of day, weather, and home occupancy.

temperature sensor

2. Heat & Freeze Sensor

The heat & freeze sensor works with your thermostat to monitor your home’s temperature and provide access and information remotely. The heat & freeze sensor checks the temperature in your home every five minutes and the battery of your thermostat every hour to detect any issues in your HVAC system. 

The heat sensor component alerts you of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees fahrenheit while the freeze sensor component alerts you when the temperature goes below 40 degrees fahrenheit.  Having your temperature monitored can assist others in the home, especially if you’re not there. This sensor also helps to alert you to any issues before costly damages occur such as freezing pipes or hot temperatures that affect others in the home and leave you with a costly HVAC bill for the energy expenditure of the AC to neutralize back to a normal temperature range.

heat and freeze sensor

3. Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor detects, as you’ve probably guessed, the act of glass breaking or shattering. The sensor works by wirelessly detecting the sound of the glass being shattered by the frequency and pitch. 

The glass sensor monitors glass shattering within a 25-foot range. When combined with your BrightSuite home security system, the glass break sensor is automatically activated when your security system is in “stay” or “away” modes. It is important to place glass break sensors near all windows accessible on the ground floor.

glassbreak sensor

4. Water Sensor

The water sensor monitors for water leaks around your home. The water leak sensor can detect a leak in your water pump, sinks, dishwasher, washing machines or other water based home appliances. By monitoring for the presence of water, you will be notified remotely through the BrightSuite mobile app if water is detected. 

The water sensor can be wall or floor mounted to work best with your home systems. This sensor can work independently of your home security system as it monitors for the presence of water around the clock, whether your security system is armed or not.

water sensor

5. Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is probably the most known of the home security sensors. The BrightSuite motion sensor works wirelessly and uses passive infrared to detect movement in any lighting. Due to its compact size, the motion sensor can easily be placed in a variety of spaces such as corners or flat surfaces as to not be obvious. If you’re worried about your pets setting it off constantly, rest assured any pet under 40 lbs won’t trigger it as this sensor does not notify you of movement from a 40 lb or less object.

motion sensor

6. Door and Window Sensor

The door and window sensor is another very common sensor due to its application on the entry ways of a home. The BrightSuite door and window sensor is a wireless sensor that has a range of up to 100 feet. The door and window sensors are triggered when two pieces move over an inch apart, for example the door moving away from the wall or a window moving over an inch from its frame. The sensor will notify you on your mobile device when one of these actions occurs. For enhanced use, you can create your own automation rules to enable smart home functionality. 

These sensors do not have to be limited to doors and windows; many BrightSuite customers place them on cabinet doors, attic entrances, and safes to track the use of certain entrances.

window sensors

Security Sensors for Your Home

These various sensors make home monitoring easy and proactive to notify you of anything that may interfere with the function of your home and your family’s safety. Have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is running smoothly in your home. 


Learn more about  BrightSuite sensors and home security systems that include these various sensors to ensure the safety of your family and catch any issues to avoid extensive costs and the headache of extensive damage. View our BrightSuite security packages and products to see what fits your home security needs. Contact us today to get you one step closer to a more secure home.

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