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Security System Installation: Professional vs DIY

Professional Installation

What’s Your Choice?

Whether you’re a new homeowner, family with kids, empty nester, purchasing a Smart Home Security System can provide you with safety, energy savings and peace of mind. After you purchase a home security system, one of your first decisions is whether to hire a professional installer or install it yourself.

Are you comfortable with installing your own security system? Can you self-monitor your home security system?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not sure how a DIY home security system differentiates from a professional installation.

Why Consider a DIY security system installation?

Easy to set up – One advantage of a DIY home security system is that you don’t need to purchase a complete system. You can start gradually and add different components as needed. Depending on your technical skills, you can complete an installation project within a few hours.

Save Money – Why pay for a professional installer if most products can easily set up by yourself. Professional Installation from BrightSuite and many other companies typically goes between $150 – $300

Convenience – Your home, your schedule. There’s no reason to wait for a professional. If you ever have any questions, customer support is just a call away.

Technology Savvy – If you’re technology-savvy and comfortable with installing a home security system on your own, the DIY option would be best for you. Most DIY systems are easier to install in smaller single-floor home or apartments and in homes with a limited number of residents or visitors.
Perfect For Renters – Typically DIY systems use wireless sensors and come without long-term contracts. This is perfect for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their living space and might be moving in the next six months or a year.

Why Consider a Professional Installation?

No Tools Needed – Save that toolbelt for the next weekend projects, sit back, and relax. The only hand you need to lift for a professional installation is to shake the installers hand, and hold up your mobile app to use your new smart home system.
Knowledgeable, Licensed Installers – Professional installed security systems are set-up by trained security technicians who must comply with quality and safety standards. For compliance reasons, technicians obtain a thorough background check with their state.

Greater Protection – For most people, there’s a greater assurance knowing that your system installed. Professional installers can ensure that the equipment coordinates well with your home design and décor.

Training Tailored To You – After a professional installer finishes the installation, they typically walk you through everything you need to know about your new system.

BrightSuite Features for DIY and Pro Install Options:

Customer support U.S. – For pro install, the technician will educate the customer as part of the installation. After you activate your DIY system, our U.S. based customer support will provide the same tutorial/education. Either way – you’ll receive all the detailed information for your installation method. Not missing out on any pieces of info in either install method.

All-In-One-App – After the system is activated, you can use the app, log in online or by mobile.
Easy Installation – Because BrightSuite security devices aren’t hardwired, they won’t interfere with your walls or interior design. As a convenience, the devices have an easy peel and stick adhesive which makes it easy to hang on your wall.

Easy Integration -Our systems easily integrate smoke, carbon monoxide detectors, and window sensors, smart thermostats, and other smart home devices.

Customization – No matter how your system is installed, you decide exactly what your system will include. Every BrightSuite system starts with one of our convenient packages. They are completely customized based on your unique home and lifestyle. Best part, you can add-on at any time!

All BrightSuite systems provide the following:

Systems work without Wi-Fi. BrightSuite uses a dedicated cellular LTE service.
No Long-Term Contracts Required
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Your First Month is Free 30-Day, Money-back Guarantee
Free Battery Replacements as a customer.
A Future Proof Solution

Customer Support

For your convenience, our dedicated customer service team is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm and Saturday, 8:00am – 5:00 pm. Contact us at (833) 374-8637 or

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