Let’s Power a Green Energy Future

Take control of your energy usage with cleaner, smarter power from an experienced team you can trust.

Installers adding solar panels to a roof

Solar Power

Our dedicated team meets with you, quickly evaluates your property, and helps you decide if solar makes financial sense for your current needs and/or future energy goals. Best of all, we spare you the lengthy sales pitch.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Take sustainable energy and savings for a spin. Our team plans and installs safe, industry-leading EV charging stations for residents and businesses, and can pair your EV charging station with a solar system for a bigger impact.

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Row of electric cars charging in outdoor parking lot

Transportation Electrification

How far could an EV fleet take your business? We help companies of all sizes plan, install, and manage EV charging infrastructures. From work trucks to school buses and beyond, we guide businesses and governments through the process of switching to electric fleets that fit their financial and energy goals.

Grid Optimization

Dominion Voltage Inc. (DVI) provides software solutions that help plan, manage, and validate grid optimization programs. That way, you can deliver savings to utilities and their customers without compromising on quality.

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