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How Do Glass Break Sensors Work?


Using Glass Break Sensors to Improve Home Security

Monitoring the windows and other glass entry points to your home is a critical part of your home security system. Windows make up the majority of the entry points to a home due to the sheer number of windows versus doors typically in a home. However, glass is not only found in windows but also as part of many back and front entry doors. By having your security system alert you to glass breakages, you can be better prepared to respond in case there is an unwanted visitor or other emergency. 

BrightSuite offers both a glass break sensor, as well as door and window sensors to monitor the entry points throughout your home and keep you alerted to disruptions in security for your doors and windows. We’ll guide you through how glass break sensors work for security monitoring of your home’s entry points to improve safety of your home. 

Common Questions About Glass Break Detectors or Glass Break Sensors

How do glass break detectors work?

Glass break sensors, also known as glass break detectors, function by monitoring and sensing the pitch and sound frequency of breaking glass. Glass break sensors monitor any sounds of glass breakages in a range between the sensor and glass door or window. 

Our BrightSuite glass break detector works through encrypted wireless sensor technology to wirelessly communicate with your BrightSuite home security touchscreen panel and alert you to any glass that has broken throughout your house.

Do glass break sensors work for any type of window?

Yes, our BrightSuite glass break sensors monitor glass breakages for any type of windows and doors you may have throughout your home.  Whether your home has single hung windows, double hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, or a variety of window types and door styles throughout, BrightSuite glass sensors will sense breaking glass for any style window.

How to use your BrightSuite glass break detectors for window security?

Using glass break detectors to monitor your windows for improved safety is easy. Your BrightSuite glass break sensor can be easily installed yourself or with the help of one of our professional installers.

Once glass break detectors are installed throughout your home and equipped with batteries, your BrightSuite glass break sensor will wirelessly communicate with your BrightSuite home security system touchscreen panel. You will be alerted of any glass breakages automatically when your BrightSuite home security system is armed in ‘stay’ or ‘away’ modes. Your BrightSuite glass break sensor can be armed while the home is occupied in the case of a break-in when someone is at home.

What is the optimal glass break sensor placement?

Your BrightSuite glass break sensors monitor a wide 25 foot range to let you know of any glass that breaks within that range. Install your glass break sensors at least 4 ft from nearby windows or doors. Glass break sensors can be installed anywhere there is a pane of glass. It is ideal to install the sensors near windows or doors where someone could easily forcibly enter, such as near the basement or lower levels of your home. Additionally, your BrightSuite home security system touchscreen panel has glass break sensor technology incorporated so you have glass break detection 25 feet from where your security panel is installed as well. 

How will I be alerted if glass breaks in my home? 

In the unfortunate event that glass is shattered somewhere throughout your home, you will be alerted by way of both your BrightSuite smart home security system panel and your BrightSuite app so you are notified whether you’re home or out of the house. When the glass break sensor detects shattered glass in armed mode, an automated 911 call is generated.

Buy Glass Break Sensors for Your BrightSuite Home Security System

View our BrightSuite security packages to see which packages best fit your family’s home protection needs, our packages often come with a BrightSuite touchscreen panel that includes glass break sensing technology. Purchase additional glass break sensors to protect your home’s windows and entry points.

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